The Numa Numa no Mi: A Powerful Logia-type Devil Fruit


In the world of One Piece, Devil Fruits are mysterious and coveted treasures that grant incredible powers to those who consume them. One such Devil Fruit is the Numa Numa no Mi, a Logia-type fruit that allows the user to create, control, and transform into “swamp.” Caribou, a character in the series, has acquired this formidable power and become a Swamp Human. In this article, we will explore the strengths and weaknesses of the Numa Numa no Mi, its usage, techniques, and more.

Strengths and Weaknesses

The Numa Numa no Mi provides Caribou with a range of powerful abilities. One of its main strengths is the ability to create bottomless swamps that are impossible to escape from. Once trapped in Caribou’s swamp, struggling only leads to sinking deeper into the viscous mud. Additionally, Caribou can store an infinite amount of captured objects or living beings within his swamp body, essentially turning it into a storage space.

The fruit also grants Caribou the ability to carry a large surplus of food for extended periods of time, as the swamp preserves its freshness. He can also keep weapons concealed within himself and bring them out when needed. Moreover, Caribou can choose to drown his opponents in his swamp or keep them alive within it.

Similar to other Logia-type users, Caribou is impervious to most physical attacks as his swamp form makes his body intangible. Attacks pass harmlessly through him, being absorbed into his body. However, unlike some other Logia users, he cannot allow attacks to phase through his body, but instead must actively absorb them.

Despite its formidable powers, the Numa Numa no Mi does have weaknesses. Caribou cannot transform back to his normal form if he is confined in a space that his regular body cannot fit into. For example, Franky was able to capture and seal Caribou in a barrel easily using this weakness. Additionally, the fruit has yet to showcase offensive capabilities other than drowning opponents in the swamp. Caribou is also vulnerable to individuals who can manipulate water, such as Jinbe. Finally, Caribou is still susceptible to the standard weaknesses of all Devil Fruit users.


Caribou’s usage of the Numa Numa no Mi revolves around his ability to create and control swamps. By transforming his lower body into a swamp, Caribou can capture living beings, as he did with the mermaids he encountered. If his targets are too large to capture with his normal body size, Caribou can expand his body’s surface area to wrap around and drag them in more quickly.

In addition to capturing and trapping, Caribou utilizes his swamp as a storage space. He stores various weapons within his body, such as Gatling guns and scythes, effectively turning himself into a walking arsenal. He can also hide people or objects within his swamp body for stealth purposes or to carry them undetected.

Caribou can also use his swamp powers offensively, encasing his opponent’s head in a sphere of swamp and choking them. This ability, combined with his intangibility, provides him with formidable combat skills. However, he becomes vulnerable when faced with attacks imbued with Busoshoku Haki, as his defense is dampened.

Furthermore, Caribou’s swamp form enables him to move stealthily and eavesdrop on conversations. He can stick to obscure or hard-to-see places to remain unnoticed. To aid in eavesdropping, he can extend parts of his body, such as his ear. This ability also proved useful in his kidnapping spree, allowing him to swallow or absorb his victims discreetly.


The Numa Numa no Mi grants Caribou a technique called the “Numa Numa no Gatling Gun.” This technique involves a large Gatling gun with a crank mechanism appearing from Caribou’s “bottomless” swamp stomach. He then uses this weapon to shoot his opponents, delivering a barrage of devastating blows. The Numa Numa no Gatling Gun was first seen when Caribou used it against Pekoms.

Anime and Manga Differences

In the manga, Caribou first reveals his powers by choking Drip and absorbing a cannonball fired by Mounblutain. However, in the anime adaptation, Caribou reveals his Devil Fruit during a battle against the Marines when a soldier strikes him with a sword. Caribou counters by drowning the soldier using his swamp powers. Despite the timing differences, Caribou’s powers remain an unexpected surprise for the Fake Straw Hat Crew.

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