Drum Island: A Winter Paradise in the Grand Line

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Drum Island, also known as the Sakura Kingdom, is a winter island located in Paradise, in the world of One Piece. It is the birthplace of Tony Tony Chopper, the doctor of the Straw Hat Pirates, and the setting of the Drum Island Arc. This winter wonderland is not only known for its beautiful landscapes but also for its rich history and the renowned doctors that reside there. In this article, we’ll explore the general information, layout and locations, towns, landmarks, and the history of Drum Island. So grab a cup of hot cocoa and join us on this journey to Drum Island!

General Information

Drum Island, previously known as the Drum Kingdom, was ruled by Wapol’s family. However, after an attack from the Blackbeard Pirates, Wapol fled the country, leaving the kingdom without a ruler. Monkey D. Luffy later defeated Wapol when he attempted to retake the kingdom by force. Dalton, a member of the kingdom, was then elected as the new king. The kingdom is famous for its exceptional doctors, with most of them forming the Isshi-100, a group led by the renowned doctor, Kureha. Drum Island is currently affiliated with the Straw Hat Pirates and the World Government. It does not have a Poneglyph, and its population is unknown.

Layout and Locations

Drum Island is a snowy country with freezing temperatures that can be felt even from the surrounding seas. It features a river that cuts deep into the island, creating a waterfall of snow. The ground is always covered in thick snow, making locomotion difficult for those not adapted to it. The presence of local fauna can trigger avalanches, adding to the challenges of navigating the island. One of the main landmarks on the island is the Drum Rockies, a series of drum-shaped mountains, with the largest one being called Drum Rock. At the summit of Drum Rock lies the Drum Castle, the royal castle of the kingdom. The Drum Ropeway serves as a transportation system between the castle and the rest of the kingdom. Additionally, there are several villages on the island, including Bighorn, Cocoa Weed, Gyasta, and Robelle.

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After the events of the Drum Island Arc, the kingdom was rebranded as the Sakura Kingdom in homage to Dr. Hiriluk. The island now features pinkish snow that resembles the petals of Sakura trees, thanks to a special red powder created by Dr. Hiriluk. The old Drum Castle has been converted into a medical academy headed by Dr. Kureha, while a new royal castle has been built for King Dalton following the two-year timeskip.


Drum Island is home to several towns, each with its own unique characteristics. Let’s take a closer look at some of these towns:


Bighorn is the village where King Dalton lives. He escorted the Straw Hat Pirates to this village upon their arrival on Drum Island. Bighorn is also the place where Dalton later fought against Wapol, the former ruler of Drum Island.

Cocoa Weed

Cocoa Weed is one of the known stops of Dr. Kureha. She treated a patient named Tamachibi in this village.


Gyasta is a lakeside town known for its ice-skating. Dr. Kureha used to live on the outskirts of Gyasta before moving to Drum Castle.


Robelle is the town visited by Portgas D. Ace, who was searching for Luffy at the time.


Aside from the Drum Rockies and the Drum Castle, Drum Island boasts several notable landmarks. Let’s explore them further:

Drum Rockies

The Drum Rockies are the main landmark of the island, consisting of a chain of drum-shaped mountains that tower over the entire kingdom. These majestic mountains contribute to the unique beauty of Drum Island, but they also pose challenges to those who traverse the region.

Drum Castle

The Drum Castle, located at the top of Drum Rock, is the royal castle of the kingdom. It serves as a symbol of the island’s history and culture. After the events of the Drum Island Arc, it was converted into a medical center and academy, where Dr. Kureha presides.

Drum Ropeway

The Drum Ropeway is a tramway system that connects the Drum Castle to the rest of the kingdom. It provides a convenient mode of transportation for the citizens of Drum Island.

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Drum Island is home to a diverse group of individuals. Let’s take a closer look at some of the notable residents:

  • King Dalton: The current ruler of Drum Island, who was elected by the population.
  • Wapol’s Father: The former ruler of Drum Island, who passed away before the events of the series.
  • King Wapol: The tyrannical ruler who succeeded Wapol’s Father and was later defeated by Monkey D. Luffy.
  • Prince Musshuru: A character who appears in the non-canon One Piece movie, “Drum Island’s Big Adventure.”
  • Kureha: A renowned doctor who leads the Isshi-100, a group of exceptional doctors in Drum Island.
  • Hiriluk: A beloved doctor who played a crucial role in the events of the Drum Island Arc.
  • Tony Tony Chopper: The doctor of the Straw Hat Pirates and a resident of Drum Island.
  • Nafk: A character associated with the Isshi-100.
  • Dwanger: A character associated with the Isshi-100.
  • Chess: A former Minister of Defense of Drum Island.
  • Kuromarimo: A former Magistrate of Drum Island.
  • Robson: A character associated with Drum Island.
  • Negikuma Maria: A character associated with Drum Island.


The history of Drum Island is filled with ups and downs, starting from its time as the Drum Kingdom. Initially, it was ruled by a kind royal family, and many of the greatest doctors resided there. However, when the king and his son passed away, Wapol came into power, leading to a period of turmoil. Wapol forced the top twenty doctors, known as the Isshi-20, to work exclusively for him, while the remaining doctors were banished or killed. The reign of Wapol took a turn for the worse, and the island suffered under his oppressive rule.

Later, the Blackbeard Pirates invaded Drum Island, leading to Wapol’s retreat out of fear. The kingdom was left without a ruling government. Dr. Kureha took up residence in the castle and became a central figure in the lives of the islanders. When Wapol attempted to retake the kingdom, the Straw Hat Pirates arrived, searching for a doctor to help their sick crew member, Nami. Ultimately, Luffy used his abilities to defeat Wapol and defend the dignity of Drum Island. Afterward, the people of the kingdom decided to rename it Sakura Kingdom in honor of Dr. Hiriluk. The island underwent further changes, including the establishment of a new royal castle for Dalton and the conversion of the old Drum Castle into a medical academy under Dr. Kureha’s guidance.

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Q: What is the significance of Drum Island in the One Piece story?

Drum Island plays a significant role in the One Piece story as it is the birthplace of Tony Tony Chopper, a member of the Straw Hat Pirates and the crew’s doctor. The events that unfolded on Drum Island formed an essential part of Chopper’s backstory and character development.

Q: Who are the main characters associated with Drum Island?

The main characters associated with Drum Island include King Dalton, Wapol, Tony Tony Chopper, Dr. Kureha, and Hiriluk. Each of these characters has played a crucial role in the island’s history and the events of the Drum Island Arc.

Q: What is the weather like on Drum Island?

Drum Island is known for its freezing temperatures and heavy snowfall. The island is covered in thick snow throughout the year, making locomotion quite challenging for those not accustomed to such conditions.

Q: How did Drum Island change after the Drum Island Arc?

After the Drum Island Arc, Drum Island underwent significant changes. It was rebranded as the Sakura Kingdom, with pinkish snow resembling the petals of Sakura trees. The old Drum Castle was converted into a medical academy, and a new royal castle was built for King Dalton.

Q: Are there any famous landmarks on Drum Island?

Yes, Drum Island boasts several famous landmarks, including the Drum Rockies, Drum Castle, and the Drum Ropeway. These landmarks not only contribute to the island’s aesthetic appeal but also hold historical and cultural significance.

Q: Who are the notable doctors on Drum Island?

Drum Island is renowned for its exceptional doctors. Some of the notable doctors include Dr. Kureha, Tony Tony Chopper, Hiriluk, and the Isshi-100, a group of doctors formed by the kingdom’s best medical practitioners.

Drum Island, also known as the Sakura Kingdom, is a winter paradise in the world of One Piece. The island’s rich history, breathtaking landscapes, and renowned doctors make it a fascinating location to explore. From its tumultuous past to its transformation into a kingdom of healing, Drum Island has captivated the hearts of both characters and readers alike. So, next time you find yourself traveling through the Grand Line, make sure to visit Drum Island and experience its wonders firsthand.

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