The “Doru Doru no Mi”: A Powerful Paramecia Devil Fruit


In the popular One Piece series, Devil Fruits grant extraordinary abilities to those who consume them. One such Devil Fruit is the “Doru Doru no Mi“, a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to create and manipulate wax. With this unique power, the user gains incredible versatility in battles and can create various objects and weapons using wax. However, the user must also be cautious of the vulnerability of the wax to heat. Let’s dive deeper into the abilities and limitations of the “Doru Doru no Mi”.

The Abilities of the “Doru Doru no Mi”

The “Doru Doru no Mi” allows the user to generate and control wax from their body. This gives them the ability to mold the wax into different shapes and forms, including weapons, shields, and even wax clones of themselves. The wax created by the user is exceptionally durable, making it ideal for defensive purposes.

The Manipulation of Wax

The user of the “Doru Doru no Mi” has complete control over the wax they create. They can shape and mold it at will, allowing them to fashion intricate and elaborate objects. This ability gives them an advantage in a battle, as they can create weapons on the spot or even craft shields for protection.

Remote Control Capabilities

One of the unique aspects of the “Doru Doru no Mi” is that the user can manipulate the wax even after it has been separated from their body. This means that once the wax has been created, they can control it remotely. This remote control capability gives them a strategic advantage, as they can have their wax creations attack opponents from a distance or set up traps in advance.

Weaknesses of the “Doru Doru no Mi”

While the “Doru Doru no Mi” is a formidable Devil Fruit power, it does have its weaknesses that users must be cautious of.

Vulnerability to Heat

A significant weakness of the “Doru Doru no Mi” is the vulnerability of the wax to heat. When exposed to high temperatures, the wax created by the user can melt and lose its shape. This weakness can be exploited by opponents who possess fire-based abilities or can generate extreme heat. It is essential for users of the “Doru Doru no Mi” to be aware of this weakness and take precautions to avoid being rendered defenseless against such attacks.

Galdino, The User of the “Doru Doru no Mi”

The “Doru Doru no Mi” was first introduced in Chapter 117 and Episode 70 of the One Piece series. It was consumed by Galdino, also known as Mr. 3. Galdino was a former high-ranking member of the criminal organization Baroque Works.

Galdino’s Wax Creations

Galdino utilized the wax powers granted by the “Doru Doru no Mi” to create various traps and weapons to hinder the Straw Hat Pirates during their adventures. He demonstrated great creativity in using his wax to ensnare and immobilize his opponents, creating wax handcuffs and even a giant candle to trap his enemies.

The Alliance with Crocodile

Galdino, along with other members of Baroque Works, formed an alliance with Crocodile, one of the main antagonists in the One Piece series. Together, they schemed to overthrow the Kingdom of Alabasta and seize control. Galdino’s wax abilities proved useful in executing their plans, further highlighting the versatility of the “Doru Doru no Mi”.

The “Doru Doru no Mi” is undoubtedly a unique and impressive Paramecia-type Devil Fruit. The ability to manipulate wax provides the user with incredible versatility, allowing them to create objects, weapons, and traps on the fly. However, the vulnerability to heat is a weakness that users must be cautious of. Galdino, as the user of the “Doru Doru no Mi”, showcased the power of this Devil Fruit through his creative and strategic use of wax. As the One Piece series continues to unfold, it will be intriguing to see how future users of the “Doru Doru no Mi” harness its power in their own unique ways.

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